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Crochet Lace Mask

I saw this tatted lace mask several years ago and thought about it, a lot, ever since then. Eventually you come to realize that if you think about something more than ten times since you saw it, you should buy it (or in this case, make it). However, I do not tat, and none of my local yarn stores even knew what a tatting needle was. I do, however, crochet, and so....


Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread (size 10)
size 2 crochet hook


The mask is constructed in several joined pieces.

The original mask had you make two separate eye loops and then join them at the end; I'm sure this would work, but I originally made the eye loops as one piece of wire with a bridge in the middle and then crocheted onto that framework.

A central medallion makes up the forehead pieces as well as the eye pieces. I used
this free crochet snowflake pattern for my central & side medallions; I encourage you to do a ravelry search for 'crochet snowflake pattern' and use your favorite.

Using the wire, make a glasses-shape (two ovals joined by a middle bridge). It's all right if the wire slips around a bit in the eye-corners; mine did, but the thread will hold it in place once you crochet around them.

Using size 2 hook and size 10 cotton crochet thread, single crochet around each eye loop separately. DO NOT single crochet through the eye bridge.

body: --crochet three medallions.

medallions: I used the first 4 rows of
this crochet snowflake pattern (which is NOT mine!), which uses alternating treble crochet and picot motifs, then reproduced those motifs along the rest of the mask.

Medallion pattern:
chain 6, join with sl st to form ring

Round 1: 14 sc inside ring, join to first sc with sl st

Round 2: ch 4 (counts as 1 dc, 1 ch) ; *dc in next st, ch 1; Repeat from * around, join to third ch made in beg of this round with sl st (14 dc, 14 ch 1 spaces)

Round 3: *ch 3, sc in next ch 1 space ; Repeat from * around until last sc made then ch 3, join with sl st to beg ch of this round.

Round 4: sl st to first ch 3 space, * (ch 4, 2 tr, ch 4, sl st into same ch 3 sp) all in first ch 3 space; ch 1, sl st into next ch 3 space, triple picot (ch 3, sl st into first ch made), sl st into same ch 3 space, ch 1, sl st into next ch 3 space; Repeat from * around, join to first sl st made with sl st

Join medallions to mask along petal edges, using sc to attach petal tips to mask (as pictured) and sl st to carry thread from one petal to the next.

So at this point you have a medallion between the eye loops and two medallions on either side. Look at this picture below: 

filling in the eyes:

Once medallions are joined to mask, you're going to join yarn from the edge of the center medallion. The center medallion will have a petal which points radially outward toward the edge of the mask at the level of the top of the eye loop: join yarn here. (You're filling in the spaces above the eyes.) 

(ch4, sc in 3rd space) across the top of eye and onto the first petal of side medallion for however long it takes to go across your eye. This depends on the size of your wire, thickness of crochet, and the number of single crochet you used to wrap the initial eye-wires. For me, this was six sc.

At end of row, turn, and picot back across this row: *sl st to first ch4 space, picot (ch3, sl st into first ch made), sl st into same ch4 space, sl st into next ch4 space* to the end of row. It should look like this: 

row 1: ch7, sc into top of every other picot.

row 2:  ch1, turn. Sl st into ch7 space and make a petal (ch4, 2 tr, sl st into ch7 space) into every ch7 space in this row. 

row 3: ch1, turn. (Ch4, sc into top of petal) across

row 4: ch1, turn. Picot row: (sl st into ch4 space, ch3, sl st into ch4 space) across. 

Tie off. 

Repeat for the other above-eye space. 

You're also going to do this same sequence along the bottom of the mask. In the mask pictured, I only did rows 1 & 2 along the bottom of the mask so it wouldn't go too far down the face. 

Starch your mask and shape it to your face (I did this by using a plastic bag over my face, pressing the mask over this, then pressing the mask in that shape on top of a pile of plastic grocery bags and letting it dry overnight). 

Add ribbon & go!

I'll try to answer any questions you have about the pattern, but it's basically "have a good knowledge of crochet, make a mask-shape out of wire, make three medallions and crochet some lace between them." 

Show me pictures of your finished product if you ever end up making it too! 

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